We were excited and proud to creat this wonderful cake to help celebrate the 1500th episode of the The Marilyn Denis Show -- Read more »

"Cake Star in Etobicoke is a treat"

Check out the piece Toronto.com published about us!

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We created the Hondy Indy Race Car Cake for their 25th Anniversary in Toronto. It was displayed and eaten Wednesday June 15 at William Ashley. - see photos »
After baking from 12am to 11am on July 1st, we stacked 255 layers of cake at the Harbourfront Center for a Guinness Title of "Most Layered Cake" We put Toronto Bakers on the MAP. My sister and I made CakeStar and personal history! - see photos »

Piper Studios had a 50th Anniversary party that was filmed for the reality television show called 'Unveiled'. We were commisioned to make a 5 teir 60's theme cake for the event. It was a groooooooovey evening - see photos »

You can read a bit more about the party HERE »
Donating time and chocolate coconut mini cupcakes for a Charity Event
in May 2010 called Simply Divas for F.A.M.E. (Family Associaton for
Mental Health Everywhere ) - see photos »

Location: Berkeley Church

CityLine's HouseWarming Party for the Heart & Stroke Foundation at the Home Show. Check out the CakeStar Facebook fan page for more details and pics.
Oscar themed cake that was featured on CP24's neen show and presented to Ann Rohmer on her birthday.

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This year's National Bridal Show Jan 22-Jan24 2010 was a great success for us. We had a great time and met a lot of wonderful people!

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Check out our page that was featured in the fall issue of Today's Bride.

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We had a blast this year at the Everything Has To Do With Sex Show in Toronto! If you visited our booth and did'nt get a chance to talk to us send us an email and let us know what you thought. Remember, we have many naughty cakes for whatever event you might want one for.
In celebration of SpongeBob SquarePants' 10th Anniversary we were commisioned by YTV and Nickelodeon to create something special. So on July 11th we created an 11 foot tall 10 teir cupcake cake at the base of the CN Tower for this huge event - the city's largest ever cake.

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See CakeStar in the May 2009 issue of Canadian Living Magazine!

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May 4, 2009 - Read about us in Bakers Journal

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March 9, 2009 - CakeStar article in Taste T.O - "The Joy of Cake"

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See the article »

This year CakeStar will be attending the Everything to do About Sex Show in
Toronto promoting an assortment of adult novelty cakes perfect for your
next shower, stag, or sunday dinner with the folks.

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CakeStar was commisioned to create a cake for the wrap party for CBC
Television’s How Do You Solve a Problem like Maria. The cake, shown in the
photo to the left is a 3 teir Mad Hatter style custom decorated for the event.
Along with the cake in this photo from left to right is: Gavin Crawford (the host
of the series), Elicia McKenzie (the winner of the contest and the new Maria),
and Elaine Overholt.

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