Italian Merengue Buttercream Cakes
Our Buttercream Party cakes are covered in our Italian meringue buttercream. Bakery design and greeting included. Cakes have two layers of filling. Themed decorations and artwork can be customised and is priced accordingly.

Cake Flavours
Vanilla Pound
Dark Chocolate Pound
Marble Pound
Red Velvet
Classic Carrot
Italian Rum Cake
Buttercream Fillings
Chocolate Fudge Ganache
Chocolate Mint
Strawberry Milkshake
White Chocolate Raspberry
Orange Chocolate Brandy
Coconut Crème
Banana Crème
Caramel (Salted)
Rum Caramel
Dulce De Leche
Butter Rum
Nutty Nutella
Cookies N’cream
Philly Cream Cheese

*Add Real Rum Or Brandy Shot For $10

CakeStar Buttercream Cakes are designed in-house using our own popular templates which include: a color option and a message greeting of your choice. Any custom additions to the design are subject to further costing (see price chart).

Size Serving Priced From
6" 6-8 $30 + Custom Decoration cost
7" 8-12 $40 + Custom Decoration cost
8" 15-18 $50 + Custom Decoration cost
9" 18-25 $75 + Custom Decoration cost
10" 25-30 $100 + Custom Decoration cost
11" 30-35 $125 + Custom Decoration cost
12" 40-45 $145 + Custom Decoration cost
1/2 slab 50-60 $175 + Custom Decoration cost
Full slab 70-80 $285 + Custom Decoration cost

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